Parking Special Offers

Free Parking if you book direct

Book with us direct for exclusive offers such as free hotel parking during your stay.

Free Parking when you dine

Ashley Hotel residents are offered Free Parking at nearby Arundel House Hotel, while on the premises in the Hotel’s Bar, Restaurant or Conservatory, if you prefer to drive rather than walk the approximate 400 yards between the two hotels.

Subject to a minimum spend of £10 per vehicle.

Ashley Hotel offers Free Overnight Parking for all guests who book their accommodation direct, for the duration of their stay.

Car Park Terms & Conditions

  • Parking for cars and small vans only. No large vans, mini buses, pick ups etc. Height restriction at entrance to car park of 2.2m.
  • Vehicles are only permitted to park within the designated parking bays.
  • Vehicles that park on cobbled stones, or areas specifically designed for vehicle manoeuvring may restrict access for emergency vehicles and could jeopardize the safety of hotel residents. A £20 per hour surcharge will be added to the hourly rate for any vehicles that do not park in parking bays, or overhang the length of parking bays, thereby potentially causing an obstruction.
  • Vehicles parked for more than 2 hours anywhere that could cause an obstruction may be towed away by Car Park Removal Agents, at the car owner's expense.
  • Parking is Free for Hotel Residents for the duration of their stay, provided accommodation has been booked with Arundel House Hotel direct, on our special 'inclusive' terms.
  • Reduced overnight parking charges will apply to all residents who have not booked their accommodation with the hotel direct, or who are on discounted room rates.
  • Parking is Free for Restaurant and Conservatory customers, while on the premises, provided there is a minimum spend of £10 per vehicle, per visit, on food or drink.
  • Car Park tickets must be authorised for free exit when Restaurant or Conservatory bills are paid. Normal parking charges, for the entire period that a vehicle has been parked will apply to all tickets that are not authorised at the end of a meal.
  • After Restaurant or Conservatory staff have authorised a ticket, vehicles must leave the car park within 30 minutes for the free parking offer to apply. After this time, our standard £2.50 per hour parking charge will be applied.
  • The Car Park Payment Machine is located in the rear entrance lobby of the hotel. It accepts Credit or Debit Cards Only. No Cash Payments can be made.
  • The Standard Parking Charge of £2.50 per hour is per parking bay. Vehicles that occupy multiple bays will be charged £2.50 per bay, per hour.
  • An Automatic Number Plate Recognition System (ANPR) records the registration number of every vehicle entering or exiting the car park, along with the time of entry and exit. There is a £5 surcharge for recovering this data for any lost tickets.
  • CCTV cameras, with 24-hour digital recording and night vision monitor the entire car park and maintain a record of all vehicle and pedestrian movements.
  • The hotel is staffed 7 days a week, 24 hours a day and all activities within the car park can be viewed on multiple screens within reception and management offices.
  • Any damage caused to car park ticket machines, barriers, bollards, walls, buildings, lights, plants or anything else belonging to the hotel, by vehicles manoeuvring in the car park, or access roads, will be charged in full to the owner of the vehicle.
  • Arundel House Hotel accepts no responsibility for any loss or damage to vehicles, or their contents, while parked within this car park.